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Facility Security Clearance

Facility Security Clearances (FCL)

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While our firm is Virginia-based, we can provide legal representation for clients nationwide with facility security clearance matters. Our attorneys have over four decades of combined experience serving clients with quality legal guidance. We understand that every client is unique and will require new insight for their security clearance application. Each client receives personalized and focused assistance for all their legal needs. It's our goal to obtain positive results and effective solutions for each case. At McCormack & McCormack, we protect your clearance by reviewing final applications, gathering necessary legal data and advising you every step of the way.

If you are considering applying for a Facility Security Clearance for your company, it may be very helpful to talk with one of our security clearance lawyers. We can help clients with forms and the application process, as well as provide legal counsel afterwards. Having experienced legal protection for your company may help you obtain positive results and avoid future complications.

Contact our firm to start getting the legal support you need to pursue a Facility Security Clearance today. We offer a free consultation.

Steps to Obtaining an FCL

To begin, a federal agency will sponsor your company for a FCL for specific purposes. Without a sponsorship from either a federal agency or cleared contractor, you cannot apply for a Facility Security Clearance. When your company has shown a definite and necessary confidential reason to obtain a FCL, then the federal agency or contractor can request it. The Facility Clearance Branch of the Defense Security Service will receive a letter on your behalf by the sponsor to request that your company be processed. It will need to include the specifications surrounding your clearance needs and the level of facility clearance ordered. You company will also need to obtain a DD Form 441, which is an agreement between the Government and the contractor, once you have the FCL approval. This agreement states that they will issue the FCL and also inform the contractor of their access and restrictions with classified information.

The second part of the agreement is for the granted to accept and agree to abide by the set guidelines and restrictions. Your company will be given an IS Rep or DSS employee to monitor your activity and help you stay within the restrictions of the agreement. You will need a Facility Security Officer who is in charge of your security program and can maintain constant communication with the assigned IS Rep. If your company already has a FCL at a lower level, you will still need to gain a sponsorship to obtain a Top Secrete FCL. If any "controlling" officers within your company cannot be cleared in connection with the FCL, they will be restricted from accessing any classified information. Your company must resolve and mandate that the individual will be excluded from any documents or activity surrounding all classified information. The officer can also resign and hand over their control of the facility to allow a cleared individual to take over and provide more effective support.

Clearance problems threaten not only your career but your entire facility's. Take the proper precautions to ensure your applications and clearance process adheres to all the regulations and guidelines. Our security clearance lawyers can help you with any questions or concerns you have with your FCL. Our team offers efficient legal support paired with dedicated protection.

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