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What is the Sentence for Armed Robbery in Virginia?

While the offense of robbery is often confused with other theft crimes, such as burglary, there are two distinct factors which set it apart. Most notably, robbery is a crime involving violence or the direct threat of violence. Secondly, the stolen property must be taken while the alleged victim was physically present.

In the State of Virginia, armed robbery is using a deadly weapon in commission of a robbery which is a felony carrying a minimum of 5 years in prison & an additional minimum of 3 years if the weapon used in the robbery was a firearm.

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Throughout the State of Virginia, robbery is a felony property crime which carries the possibility of life in prison. Furthermore, a violent crime on your criminal record can affect where you may be able to work and live, impacting your life long after a prison sentence ends and fines are paid. If you have been accused of robbery, the legal team at McCormack & McCormack can provide the unbiased legal advocacy you need to clear your name. Our Virginia Beach criminal attorneys possess more than 55 years of combined experience and understand how to help the accused overcome the charges they face.

Make no mistake, if you have been charged with robbery, your future is on the line and securing knowledgeable attorneys can make the vital difference in your case. We have successfully handled hundreds of criminal trials and can construct a defense tailored to your unique situation. When your freedom is at risk, waste no time in contacting our legal team and rest assured that your case is in experienced hands.

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