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Dedicated Legal Representation For Military Members Charged With Larceny 

Larceny, otherwise known as theft, is a serious offense in the military that can expose you to severe consequences if convicted. Whether you were charged with a suspected event on or off duty, you must retain a powerful defense attorney as soon as possible to protect your future and freedom. At McCormack & McCormack, our experienced military criminal defense lawyer is prepared to actively defend your rights and provide the unbiased support you need during this difficult time.

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What Are the Elements of a Larceny Charge?

Larceny is a crime that concerns the unlawful taking of another person’s or group’s property. Larceny can take several forms and is, in many cases, connected with fraud. The military prosecutes the offense of larceny under Article 121 of the Uniform Military Code of Justice (UMCJ).

The elements of a successful prosecution of larceny are as follows:

  • The accused wrongfully took, obtained, or withheld property from its owner or any other person.
  • The property belonged to a certain person.
  • The property was of a certain value.
  • The accused’s actions were made with the intent to permanently deprive or defraud the owner of its use and benefit or to permanently appropriate it for the use of the accused or any person other than its rightful owner.

For members of the military, larceny charges often revolve around the theft of government property or the unauthorized possession or sale of government property, whether it be weapons, supplies, funds, or some other type of valuable property. Larceny can sometimes go hand in hand with a more severe weapons trafficking offense. Accusations of larceny can result in a court-martial, Article 134 charges, and even a discharge hearing. Penalties for a larceny conviction will vary depending on the value and type of goods taken and the means in which they were taken.

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