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Military Fraud Charges

Defense Against Allegations of Fraud

Many people tend to look at the Federal Government as having deep pockets and unlimited resources, but this simply is not the case. Although the entire U.S. government has a budget which ranges into the trillions of dollars, with more than half a trillion allocated to the Department of Defense alone, the government is - to put it simply - strapped for cash. As a consequence, there has been a recent surge in the number of investigations into fraud and similar activities involving those who attempt to make gains by stealing funds from the government.

Article 132 Charges

Article 132 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice outlines a number of different circumstances under which a service member may be charged with fraud. For example, you may face fraud charges if you are accused of presenting a claim for payment which you know to be false, or if you make an oath or forge or counterfeit a signature which is false or fraudulent.

Similarly, fraud is charged in cases where someone who has been placed in charge, possession, custody or control of funds which belong to the Armed Forces knowingly shortchanges the government by withholding some of the funds or skimming off the top, as well as if someone who has the authority to issue a receipt for the delivery of property does so without full knowledge of the truth of the statements and with the intent of defrauding the government.

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Some of the most common types of fraud cases which we see at McCormack & McCormack involve the false claims for Basic Allowance for Housing benefits, as well as those involving travel voucher fraud. In many cases, the charges are based on a simple and honest mistake on the part of the accused, while in others it was an intentional scheme such as when a service member has been embezzling funds. Whatever the circumstances involved in your case, you can greatly improve the likelihood of a favorable outcome by hiring a military criminal defense lawyer from our firm.

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