BAH & Travel Fraud

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In recent years, the U.S. Military has been cracking down on Basic Allowance for Military Housing (BAH), and Travel Fraud. At McCormack & McCormack, our law firm is determined to protect and defend you. Cases like these that involve large amounts of money can unfortunately lead to court martial charges. We do everything we can to use our experience to negotiate and work on your behalf to lessen the severity of your charges.

What is BAH?

BAH is a U.S. Military program that provides housing compensation for military members and their families when government quarters are not provided. When someone faces a charge for BAH, it’s usually because they filled out their paperwork incorrectly, whether they intended to wrongfully receive government funds or innocently made a mistake.

What is Considered Travel Fraud?

Travel fraud occurs when a military member wrongfully claims they’ve traveled in order to receive funds from the government, or they embellish their actual travel expenses without justification. Travel fraud happens in much the same way as BAH charges. We often find that our clients did not intend to wrongfully receive government funds, but rather the regulations were too difficult to correctly interpret, leading to unintended fraud.

Be Aware of the Possible Repercussions

If there was no actual intent to defraud, then there is no criminal act in the wrongful receipt of the funds. In this situation, the government may still attempt to convict for other charges, such as dereliction of duty (failing to take action to ensure claims were submitted properly). In other instances, where the accused did knowingly attempt to receive undeserved government funds, the government may prosecute under false official statement and larceny offenses. We have encountered numerous situations where we were able to negotiate alternate resolutions to benefit our client. Ideally, we seek to avoid courts-martial in cases where our clients are able to secure funding to repay all or a significant portion of the government debt.

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