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Murder Charges in the Armed Forces

Highly Respected Military Criminal Defense Lawyer

The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) considered any form of killing that involves premeditation or planning to be murder. The penalties for a member of the United States Military could be devastating if convicted for murder, perhaps more so than if the crime was committed by a civilian. At McCormack & McCormack, our military criminal defense attorneys understand that you need powerful representation, now more than ever.

Why should we be your first choice of legal advocacy? We think the answers are clear:

  • We have 45+ years of combined experience.
  • We have a former member of the JAG Corps on staff.
  • We have a long history of positive case results.
  • We are backed by dozens of appreciative testimonials.

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Protection from Harsh Consequences

At first glance, many people assume that there is no way to defend themselves from a criminal accusation as severe as murder. As perhaps the most universally recognized violent crime, it is understandably easy to believe that a strong social bias against the accused will ultimately leave you at a disadvantage. While it may be true, to some extent, that you are in for an uphill battle, there is no reason to believe outright that there is no hope for your future.

At our firm, we can use our vast experience to craft a defense that attempts to shield you from:

The men and women who serve our country through the Armed Forces, such as yourself, rely on their military careers to support themselves and their family. A single conviction of something as serious as a murder accusation is sure to set everything off-balance. The effects on your loved one could be devastating. You need to take action to do all you can to prevent such a domino effect from occurring.

Sound Legal Strategies in Uncertain Times

As someone who has devoted their life to finding clever and efficient solutions to life’s most complex problems, you can surely appreciate the benefit of entering a situation fully prepared. At McCormack & McCormack, our military criminal defense attorneys take pride in their thoroughness and always try to work closely with their clients to ensure the legal strategies they create are optimal.

We do not want you to feel left out of your own defense, but we also do not want you to feel like you are doing any heavy lifting. We can find that welcome middle ground and do all we can to defend your rights against murder charges.

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