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As a military member, you have a fragile reputation to uphold. For this reason, the military justice system bears down heavily on those who are accused of violating the law. The most serious of charges will be heard in a General Court-Martial. This court martial is reserved for the more serious crimes, which are similar to felonies in the civilian justice system.

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What is a General Court-Martial?

The most serious type of military court is the General Court-Martial. A General Court-Martial has the power to try all offenses which are punishable under the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). If convicted, it can have your freedom taken away forever.

With a general court-martial, the potential penalties for a person found guilty include:

  • Confinement (maximum depends upon offense)
  • Dishonorable or Bad Conduct Discharge
  • Dismissal for officers
  • Forfeiture of all pay and allowances/Fine
  • Reduction in pay grade

If there is a conviction for a sex offense, there will be mandatory sex offender registration, likely for life. With a perspective of the serious situation at hand, it is important to have an experienced fighter by your side to protect your rights. Do not attempt to handle this process without a highly experienced defense counsel who has represented military members in many hundreds of court-martials. From the moment you become aware that you are the subject of an investigation, begin building a solid case with the assistance of our firm’s military criminal defense lawyer.

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Without a powerful defense at your side, you will be that much closer to suffering the harsh penalties associated with the military’s most serious court-martial. In addition to the loss of your freedom, if convicted, your military career will also end. With the high conviction rate in the military justice system, you must ensure that you are fully protected by a team that is committed to the protection of your rights.

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