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Personnel Security Clearances (PCL)

Personnel Security Clearances (PCL)

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The Department of Defense Central Clearance Facility issues most of the Personnel Clearances. These security clearances don't require any fees but do have an intensive application and investigation process. This government mandated clearance will allow you to have access to classified information and can be broken into the three levels: confidential, secret and top secret. McCormack & McCormack is comprised of security clearance attorneys with a combined experience level of 45 years. Our firm continues to use our knowledge of government security laws and regulations to help clients protect their clearance and career opportunities.

No matter what issues or concerns you might have surrounding your clearance application or process, our security clearance legal team is equipped to help. The past years have seen security clearance guidelines and regulations become more and more strict, garnering more reason for you to have legal support. Individuals must often deal with having their clearance application revoked or denied, eliminating a coveted employment opportunity. Our firm is prepared to help clients apply for personnel security clearances to ensure that their application closely follows guidelines and regulations.

We can also represent you during Statement of Reason responses and continue to provide you with legal counsel throughout the application process. We know the common issues and factors that adjudicators are looking for when reviewing an application and will work with you to build a strategy of defense against these concerns. Don't pursue a personnel security clearance without the proper legal support. Contact us today to find out how an attorney from our firm might be able to help you with your application process.

Personnel Clearance Process

Once you have submitted your application for a Personnel Security Clearance, you will have to wait for the Facility Security Officer to process your submission. They will examine your records, past employment and other documents to help determine your eligibility. They will conduct a thorough investigation of your character as well, looking for trustworthy and dependable qualities. If your application is processed fast, it may take 50 and 100 days to process the application and conduct the investigation. For Top Secret contractors, the fastest the process may be completed is closer to 100 days, while basic Secret clearances take around 52 days. On average, most take between 6 months and a year, regardless of whether or not you have received clearance before.

These are three steps that surround the application process:

Delays occur when applicants cannot appear for a Subject Interview or long queuing time. Other potential problems arise when required data is missing or inaccurate on the application form for security clearance. Errors on the fingerprint submission can also slow the process down and create more complications for the applicant. To ensure that your application is quickly processed, you may need to pursue help from an experienced security clearance lawyer. At our firm, we help our clients provide correct data and accurate information on their forms.

From our experience, we have found that proofing the information can be overwhelming for applicants, which is why we handle all the paperwork and confirm that all necessary documents are included before you submit anything. We will work with you to clarify all details and find the information you may have overlooked from your past. It is important to include beneficial references, medical history and past employment information that is portrayed in a positive light. When you work with McCormack & McCormack, you can rest assured that our experienced legal team will protect your application process and your future career.

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