Carnal Knowledge

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What is Carnal Knowledge of a Child?

Under section 18.2-63 of the Code of Virginia, it is illegal to have carnal knowledge of a child between 13 to 15 years of age. Known as the “carnal knowledge statute,” this law prohibits all sexual acts between a minor and a defendant of any age, from intercourse to anal and oral sexual contact.

Carnal Knowledge of a Child is a Form of Statutory Rape

Having carnal knowledge of a child is a form of statutory rape and can expose a person to the possibility of life-altering consequences upon conviction. 

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What are the Penalties for Carnal Knowledge of a Minor?

The exact penalties for conviction of carnal knowledge of a child will vary depending on the age of the victim and the alleged offender. 

  • Carnal knowledge between a minor child and an adult age 18 or older is:
    •  Class 4 felony
    •  Carrying up to 10 years in prison and fines up to $100,000. 
  • If the accused is also a minor and both parties consented to the sexual acts, penalties are reduced to: 
    • Class 6 felony
    • Which can bring up to five years in prison and $2,500 in fines. 
  • Finally, if both parties consented to the acts and the offender is less than three years older than the victim, the crime is: 
    • Class 4 misdemeanor
    • Carrying a $250 fine and no jail time.

Carnal Knowledge of a Child and Sex Offender Status in Virginia

Regardless of the circumstances, any and all allegations of carnal knowledge of a child are extremely serious and can have a long-lasting impact on a person’s reputation. All individuals convicted of felony carnal knowledge must register for life as a sex offenders if they were five years older than the victim, which can place extensive restrictions on where they can live and work. Likewise, any subsequent offenses can elicit the maximum sentences possible – sometimes resulting in life imprisonment.

Experienced Carnal Knowledge Defense Lawyers

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