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At McCormack & McCormack, we have been defending clients against criminal charges for a combined total of four decades. Our clients can have confidence in our experience and dedication to secure them the best possible results for their case. With a combined knowledge and insight, our team will perform a thorough investigation of your case to collect all of the facts. When working with clients, we make it our goal to provide personal and understanding service.

Our Newport News criminal defense lawyers have handled hundreds of cases and successfully obtained numerous dismissals. We can assist you with any area of criminal law, from sex crimes to military criminal charges. We understand that every case is unique and should be treated as such. With our proven record of success, we hope to give clients confidence upon entering the courtroom along with a strong defense.

If you are interested in talking with a Newport News criminal defense attorney at our firm, contact us today at (888) 490-0876! We also offer free case evaluations if you would prefer to contact us online.

Getting Representation in Newport News

Following only Portsmouth and Norfolk in crime ratings, Newport News is one of the top crime cities in the Virginia Beach area. There are 381 registered sex offenders, meaning nearly 1 in every 500 persons in Newport News has been convicted of a sex crime. Statistics show that in a recent year there were nearly 4,600 thefts, 390 assaults, and 1,094 burglaries.

Newport News has a violent crime rate that surpasses the average U.S. ratings by 50 and a property crime rate that is above both the state and country average. With such high crime rates, it's possible that you could be facing criminal charges. If you are without the proper legal representation, you might be facing serious fines or prison time. Whether you are facing charges for a sex crime, assault or burglary, our firm is capable of helping you build a strong defense.

Enlisting a Strong Criminal Defense

To ensure that you have the legal protection you need, it is important to seek the help of a proven defense team. At our firm, we have helped numerous clients successfully dismiss or minimize their final sentencing. Our Newport News criminal defense lawyers are experienced in all areas of criminal law, from assault to traffic offenses.

Whether clients are facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, our firm will do everything possible to ensure they get the best possible results. We may be able to provide you with the legal representation you need to avoid unfair consequences or convictions. Knowledgeable in a variety of criminal law practices, our lawyers can use their experience to assist clients with drug possession charges as well as domestic violence charges.

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We have a wide range of cases that we handle, including:

  • Property theft
  • Sexual assault
  • DUI
  • Manslaughter
  • Military criminal charges

No matter what charges you are facing, our lawyers have the skill to assist you in any way. We can provide legal counsel, organize paperwork and gather investigative research. We believe that all of our clients deserve fair and equal treatment, and we will fight to protect their personal rights. Regardless of the severity of your possible conviction, our Newport News criminal defense lawyers strive to provide the best representation. With proven success and a team of skilled lawyers and paralegals, clients can have confidence when entering the courtroom.

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