What If the Police Found Drugs That Weren't Mine?

Have you been placed under arrest or charged with drug possession after the police found drugs that weren't yours? If so, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to prove your claim. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer from our firm will significantly improve your chances of being able to prove your claim and get your case dismissed. Our firm has been providing aggressive legal representation to individuals facing drug crime charges and other criminal offenses since 1982. We understand your legal rights and are determined to be the unwavering advocate you need when fighting to protect those rights.

There is no question that police officers are accustomed to hearing people declare that the drugs found in their position, in their vehicle, on their property or on their person were not actually theirs. Do not expect that making this type of claim to the police will result in your immediate release, as it will not. Finding out how the drugs came to be in your possession, who the drugs actually belong to, and why they were hidden on you or your property without your knowledge is the most straightforward way of substantiating your claim.

Witnesses and other physical evidence can also be used to show officers and the prosecuting attorney that a wrongful arrest has been made. In some instances, showing clear evidence that the arresting officer failed to follow the laws pertaining to search and seizure may be all that is needed to get the prosecution to drop any case it has been attempting to build against you. If you need help proving the drugs police found in your possession where not actually yours, contact McCormack & McCormack at once. We represent clients throughout Hampton Roads and Virginia Beach.

by Jarrett McCormack

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