Dealing with Accusations of Violations of National Security

It is extremely dangerous to be facing accusations related to violations of national security. The sentences imposed can be significant, and for many breaches of national security cases, can lead to decades served in prison. These cases can be difficult to defend, as gaining access to the material which is involved in the case is an issue that must be resolved. There is often the requirement that any individual involved in the case has the correct security clearance before viewing any of the material that is in question in the case. Your choice of defense counsel is extremely important in any criminal accusations regarding violations of security.

There are currently several high profile cases related to the illegal release of information to the press or other media. Whether you are facing a high profile accusation of violating national security with media attention, or are accused of such a violation in a less serious case, your future freedom is truly at risk. There is great focus on punishing any member of the Armed Forces who leaks secret material, whether in writing, by passing on files or information, or verbally.

Our government is extremely concerned about security breaches and identifying those that have leaked secret information that could impact national security. If you are facing a charge related to any such crime, there is a critical need for the highest quality military defense lawyer possible. At McCormack & McCormack, our legal team has outstanding qualifications and credentials to serve you. Our founding attorney served as both a prosecutor and defense attorney for the JAG Corps, and is now serving as a criminal defense lawyer in private practice. Get the help you need from a professional that has the insight to help you seek to avoid the extreme consequences of a conviction. Find out more about McCormack & McCormack before you make any decisions about how to proceed.

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