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Military Security Clearance

Military Security Clearance

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Whether you have already begun the process for Military Security Clearance or are just starting, our legal team has the experience to help. Our firm prides itself on providing dependable legal counsel. We know that obtaining your clearance is important to your future and your career, and must be treated with high priority. When you are working with our security clearance attorneys, you will receive fast support and quality insight for your concerns. At McCormack & McCormack, we know how to meet the demands of our practice.

Each member of our team contributes to the continued success of our firm. Understanding that communication is highly important, we work with our clients to build a relationship between them and our legal team so that we can pursue their actual objectives.

We have a sincere desire to help clients obtain their security clearances on every level. Whether you are applying for a FCL or a Military Security Clearance, our firm has the experience and dedication to help. If you are applying for specific clearance for your new or desired position, make sure you have solid legal support. McCormack & McCormack offers assistance with the application process and all steps thereafter. We may also be able to help you gather data, build up resources and minimize concerns with eligibility.

You can take advantage of our free online case evaluation or talk with one of our security clearance attorneys by phone. Contact McCormack & McCormack today.

Obtaining Your Military Clearance

As with most other clearances, it's required that members be sponsored by a government entity to pursue clearance. When you are being recruited, it is common for the clearance process to begin then. Other times, it may be necessary to acquire a new clearance if a member works for a department that is outside of their branch of service- which would be the case if a member of the Navy or Army is being transferred to a separate branch's detachment or base. Your approved clearance level will be appropriate for your position and duties and will not be granted for personal reasons. Some assignments or duties might require you to have further access to confidential or top secret information.

Your required access level can potentially change from one mission to the next, or call for temporary clearance upgrades. Depending on the factors surrounding your current positions, duties and involvement with classified information, you will need to apply for certain security clearances. You will be required to complete a SF-86 application with accurate and truthful information. If you do not fill out the form with appropriate or honest information about any part of your history, such as criminal records, your future clearance and employment could be endangered. Other requirements include a Department of Defense Personnel Security mandated local background check. There will be inquires and investigations surrounding your military medical history, disciplinary behavior and mental health.

The Local Security Officers will gather this information and inquire with the Security Forces Squadron for any other details of interest. You should expect a credit check to be required as a military member, as well. If you have significant delinquent debt or have a pattern of questionable financial habits, your clearance could be at stake. Federal background checks are also performed after the local background check. Your criminal history will be examined for possible convictions, delinquencies or warrants left out of your application. If you do not provide the most accurate information to your knowledge about your criminal history, your Military Security Clearance will likely not be approved.

How McCormack & McCormack Can Help

With so many small details to monitor and investigate in your own past, it can be easy to miss vital information on your application. Our firm has the experience to help you review your application and ensure that you have included all necessary information and data. We will work with you to provide the appropriate explanations for past criminal history or financial debt struggles. At our security clearance firm, we understand that some small details can destroy your future career. We are committed to helping you present your past struggles in the best possible light, while remaining honest and promoting your integrity. If you are worried about details of your past affecting your application, talk to our firm today. We work with clients to provide them all the legal assistance they need during the security clearance process.

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your specific case needs and concerns.

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