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The Freedom of Information Act and Security Clearance

The security clearance process is a long, complex process that involves an extensive investigation into an individual's background and character. Not all people will pass their initial clearance check. Some clearance applicants will be flat out denied security clearance, while others may have their qualifications come under scrutiny for past indiscretions, drug involvement, abuse of status, security breaches or other reasons.

If you have cause to believe your new security clearance will be denied, or that your existing clearance will be revoked, the first thing you need to do is contact our firm and meet with a security clearance attorney right away. Our firm will thoroughly review your situation and help you file an immediate request for reconsideration. We will then work with you closely to prepare the documentation needed to challenge, dispute or provide additional information to defend your eligibility.

Another resource which can be used to disclose specific details pertaining to your denial is the Freedom of Information Act. You have the right, under the Freedom of Information Act, to request your security clearance investigation file. By acquiring your file, we can be afforded a more in-depth insight into why your clearance was denied or revoked. Using that information, we could then provide an extremely tailored strategy to help you present your case, defend your rights and ultimately obtain your security clearance.

Based in Virginia, McCormack & McCormack represents members of the military, federal contractors, those requiring specific Department of Defense or federal agency security clearances, and those in need of a Personnel Security Clearances. We have extensive experience helping individuals successfully navigate through the clearance process and we provide aggressive representation for those whose clearances have either been denied or revoked. To get help resolving your security clearance issues, contact our firm at once.