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Need Security Clearance?

Any individual whose job or position requires him or her to come in contact with classified or sensitive documents will be required to have a security clearance. The specific level of clearance will be determined based on the individual's position, as well as his or her assigned duties and responsibilities, and level of access. A security clearance is required in certain military positions, as a federal contractor, as part of specific federal agencies and in matters pertaining to national security, as it is essential to verify an individual's loyalty, trustworthiness, reliability, integrity, commitment, character and more.

An individual who is believed to have certain character flaws, a propensity towards personal or professional misconduct, a record of criminal activity or other similar indiscretions is not someone who is considered qualified to be in possession of key military or other national secrets.

If you have been denied security clearance, or your existing security clearance is on the line, we strongly advise you contact our firm and speak with a skilled security clearance lawyer at once. We understand the impact a clearance denial could have on your reputation, career path and future. We also know that regardless of whether the Statement of Reasons for denial contains valid matters of concern, or it needs to be aggressively disputed, there are measures that can be taken to protect your interests and preserve your clearance.

With an extensive knowledge of security clearance laws, years spent practicing military law, and a history of success, McCormack & McCormack will be able to provide you with the steadfast, highly trained legal representation you need. To get your security clearance questions answered, or to find out how we can help you obtain your security clearance, contact our firm today.